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When I see all these pictures of everyone at parties and whatnot on Facebook because there are A LOT of pictures. I get this feeling that they spend so much time taking all these useless photos to show how much fun they’re having that in the process they forget to actually have a good time… Just a thought because when I’m out with friends/family having fun; I forget I even have a phone until something funny happens that needs to be caught on film so I can show them later and laugh all over again.

So my “supervisors” or whatever they’re suppose to be (I’m technically an independent contractor or something. I just know that I get to decide when I work, no one tells me what to do, and I don’t have to deal with people so score for me). Anyway they hand this to me for some promo we were doing for Oktoberfest that involved giving out free booze to people and said “you can give this to a customer you think is kool (sees my reaction to hat)…or wear it yourself.” So of course everyone should know I kept this right? I Love it beyond words and it is badass. I imagine a buff muscled up leprechaun with sick tattoos owned this hat.

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